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Dana Classic Fragrances was originally established in Spain in 1932. As both an innovator and a believer in traditions worth keeping, Dana Classic Fragrances has always offered a wide range of fragrances, from products that satisfy the palates of the trendiest consumers to those who enjoy our most time-honored, classic scents.


Today, Dana Classic Fragrances offers one of the world’s widest ranges of fragrances, all priced to give extraordinary value for high-quality products, including:


Black Lace®, British Sterling®, California for Men®, California for Women®, Canoe®, Chantilly®, English Leather®, English Leather Black®, Forbidden®, Heaven Sent®, Love’s Baby Soft®, Love’s Berry Sweet®, Love’s Sugar Kiss®, Navy for Men®, Navy for Women®, No Limit®, Tabu®, Toujours Moi®


All of the products on are authentic and recently manufactured. Beware of internet sites selling similar items, as they may be outdated or counterfeit.


At Dana Classic Fragrances, our commitment is to deliver sustained growth, through empowered people, acting with responsibility and building trust. Sustained growth is fundamental to motivating and measuring our success. Our quest for sustained growth stimulates innovation, places a value on results, and helps us understand whether actions today will contribute to our future. It is about growth of people and company performance. It prioritizes making a difference and getting things done. There is an emphasis on team achievements and pride in individual accomplishments that contribute to the company's overall success.


Empowered people means we have the freedom to act and think in ways that we feel will get the job done, while being consistent with the processes that ensure proper governance and being mindful of the rest of the company’s needs.


Responsibility and trust form the foundation for healthy growth. It’s about earning the confidence that other people place in us as individuals and as a company. Our responsibility means we take personal and corporate ownership for all we do, to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We build trust between ourselves and others by walking the talk and being committed to succeeding together.


We must always strive to: Care for customers, consumers and the world we live in. Our success depends on a thorough understanding of our customers, consumers and communities. Sell only products we can be proud of. The test of our standards is that we must be able to personally endorse our products without reservation and consume them ourselves. This principle extends to every part of the business, from the purchasing of ingredients to the point where our products reach the consumers' hands.


Respect others and succeed together. This company is built on individual excellence and personal accountability, but no one can achieve our goals by acting alone. We need great people who also have the capability of working together, whether in structured teams or informal collaboration. Mutual success is absolutely dependent on treating everyone who touches the business with respect, inside and outside the company. A spirit of fun, our respect for others and the value we put on teamwork make us a company people enjoy being a part of, and this enables us to deliver world-class performance.


As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity and honesty. Passion for customers, for our partners. Openness and respectfulness. Taking on big challenges and seeing them through. Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence. Accountability to customers, partners, and employees for commitments, results, and quality.


Dana Classic Fragrances is owned by Patriarch Partners, LLC. Pictured below is Lynn Tilton, founder and CEO of Patriarch Partners.

For more information about Dana Classic Fragrances, please e-mail us at or call us at 1-866-213-3675.