English Leather: A Cologne With Class

The heritage of English Leather is often reported to be part and parcel of it’s continued success; it’s very creation standing for a time when fragrances really defined an individual. English Leather is a daring, provocative cologne that really personifies the charisma and masculinity of a man. A distinctly citrus first accord; English Leather gradually evolves into a scent less femininely fruity, than many of it’s chypre class. The zesty lemon actually enhances an already strong, aromatic blend, with clean cut top notes and an invigorating bite.

Sandalwood continues to be one of the most defining elements of Dana’s English Leather composition. The distinctly woody, almost pine-like smokiness of it’s aroma is often compared to herbaceous scents such as mint, yet the inclusion of coriander to compliment this rich accord may have something to do with it. Some liken the vintage nose to the kind of barber shop fragrances used in the 50′s; an out and out compliment since the cologne’s inception was allegedly a result of such influence.

English Leather, For The ‘Real’ Man

Dana Classics English Leather has long been associated with a particular male stereotype, perhaps one that now, many aspire to. Strong, outgoing and an all-round sporting gentleman, the muse for English Leather clearly typified the classic English gentleman, who enjoyed nothing more than a spot of horse-riding, golf or shooting. One would assume he was also a rural gent, given the distinctly green and woody undertones of this charismatic cologne. In contrast to many fragrances of ‘chypre’ categorization,

English Leather is sweetened by the inclusion of oakmoss, which bears a very subtle saccharine note in addition to the ‘woodiness’.

English Leather is often favored for it’s nostalgic value – many likening the scent to their first experiences with cologne; that first shave, first date or prom. Younger consumers often purchase English Leather for pure reminiscent value; the cologne reminding them of a paternal figure or role model. Fragrances like Dana’s English Leather are powerful enough to evoke many memories, but not so overpowering it becomes unbearable. As with any cologne of a pure concentration, the key is to use sparingly, and in the right areas.

A Classy, Yet Classic Chypre

The classic chypre concept indicates a family of fragrances built upon a relatively simple note pyramid, however many modern colognes are packed out with additional heart notes (from florals to musks), to add layering to the scent. Dana Classics English Leather is an exception. A relatively simple infusion of citrus, sandalwood vetiver, oakmoss and leather combine to form a rich, musky accord that personifies masculinity. English Leather is composed to allow the zing of citrus to linger, even once the usual 30 minutes is up. As the top notes dry down, a heady spice of herbaceous notes ensue, subtly infused with a sweet tang, to take the edge off that classically strong sandalwood.

English Leather is a cologne built to last the entirety of the day. Unlike many of it’s counterparts, it has a tendency to remain beyond the average 5-hour time-frame. Many state the latter stages of the fragrance to be the most appealing to the women in their lives, since it fades to a gentle, yet spicy musk, whilst somehow remaining crisp. With this in mind, the English Leather wearer can be assured of a cologne that will transcend , from day to night.

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  1. joeph whalen says:

    loves baby soft smells soooooooooooooooooo yummy!

  2. joeph whalen says:

    dana you are the best!

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